Our Beliefs In Holy
Hinduism Books

We Hindus believe that the Vedas transcend all time and don’t have a beginning or an end. The discourse that takes place between

Four Vedas

Hinduism & four Vedas : The Rig Veda,
The Samaveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda

Temple & Gods

In Hinduism There Is Countless Number
of Gods, Lord & Temples In The World

Some Important Life Lessons From Bhagwat Gita & Ramayana

The Bhagavad Gita, or the Gita, is the discourse that takes place between Lord Krishna and Arjun before the start of the Kurukshetra war. The teachings by Lord Krishna helped change Arjun’s perspective about life and, thus,

2021 Jun 21

Hindu New Year & Ramayana Avatara with Lord Shiva

The first major festival that we celebrate with the birth of the New Year, according to the Hindu almanac, is Sri Rama Navami. That is the avatara day of Rama. There is a Veda vakya that says Citra Paurnami marks the mukha

2021 Jun 21

Lesson & Greatness of the Vedas

In his Thirumandiram, Thirumoolar talks of the greatness of the Vedas, said R. Narayanan in a discourse. Thirumoolar says some talk of righteous things of dharma is subtle and hence difficult to understand, not mentioned in the Vedas.

2021 Jun 21

Lord Krishna’s Birth In Unique Night

Andal, in Her Thiruppavai, refers to the night on which Krishna was born as “Or iravu,’ meaning it was a unique night of dharma is subtle and hence difficult to understand. What made it unique? It was the night when the One without birth was born, elaborated V.S.

2021 Jun 21

Famous Temples

Ramanathaswamy & Other Temples

Rameshwaram is a small island town in Tamil Nadu and is one of the four holiest pilgrimage places (Char Dhams) of the Hindus.

Situated close to the Alaknanda River, the abode of Lord Badrinath is located in the Chamoli district, a small town of Badrinath (Uttarakhand). This holy shrine of Lord Vishnu forms a part of the four holiest sites (Char Dhams) in Hindu religion.

The Jagannath Temple is an important Hindu temple dedicated to Jagannath, a form of Vishnu–one of the trinity of supreme divinity in Hinduism. It is located in Puri in the state of Odisha, situated on the eastern coast of India.

the Dwarkadhish Temple (Jagat Mandir), is believed to have been established more than 2500 years ago by Lord Krishna’s great grandson, Vajranabh.It is believed that Lord Krishna arrived here from Braj in Uttar Pradesh to build the city. The temple was established by his grandson. It is at the cusp of the Gomti River and the Arabian Sea, providing a scenic backdrop to the spiritual site.


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    Shloka 6-10

    अजोऽपि सन्नव्ययात्मा भूतानामीश्वरोऽपि सन् |प्रकृतिं स्वामधिष्ठाय सम्भवाम्यात्ममायया || 6|| ajōpi sannavyayātmā bhūtānāmīśvarōpi san ।prakṛtiṃ svāmadhiṣṭhāya sambhavāmyātmamāyayā ॥ 6 ॥

    Shloka 1-5

    श्रीभगवानुवाच |इमं विवस्वते योगं प्रोक्तवानहमव्ययम् |विवस्वान्मनवे प्राह मनुरिक्ष्वाकवेऽब्रवीत् || 1|| Sribhagavan Uvacha।imaṃ vivasvatē yōgaṃ prōktavānahamavyayam ।vivasvānmanavē prāha manurikṣvākavēbravīt ॥

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